About Us

Our Story

Queennette originally started as Queennette Closet in April of 2016. I started with handmade jewelries and home decors from prints, clothing, shoes, paintings and more. The name Queennette first came to me during a period of deep healing and self-discovery while I was getting counselling to help me find my identity and my purpose in life. In the quest for finding myself, I discover my passion for making jewelries and for fashion.

Over the years, I decided to make it simpler by changing the name to Queennette. The goal of Queennette is to encourage a personal sense of fashion by bringing you the most unique jewelries, clothing, apparels and more.

 Queennette aims to encourage the individual to discover his or her purpose in life; and fulfill it through his or her passions and through community outreach. Every now and then, I will introduce a new collection either by season or just for creative fun. Thank you for becoming part of the Queennette family, and I hope to see you back here soon.

Esther Akusa!